How We Got Started

In 2009, Davina's Closet opened its doors to carry out its mission to give others a hand up to help them realize and reach their true potential. As an image consultant, Douthard realized the majority of individuals who needed her services most, could not afford it. Through her charitable work, she uncovered that many participants simply didn't have the clothing to go to work. Douthard wanted to solve this problem and Davina's Closet was born. Purchases from Davina's Closet helps individuals in need gain access to clothing and resources to go to work. It also supports Davina Douthard Foundation, a non-profit, 501c3 agency, we aim to help youth and adults with limited accessibility, gain the confidence and skills needed to reach their full potential. Our programs and services foster self-esteem, career and personal growth, and to to help others improve their quality of life.