• The Job Search Buddy


    The Job Search Buddy is a handy pocket guide and reference tool which gives job seekers a list of quick tips and tools that show the most efficient way to; create a master plan, how and where to search for employment, prepare for interviews, and how to successfully deal with barriers to work.


    A great tool and gift for youth graduating from high school and college, veterans returning to the workforce, at-risk youth and individuals re-entering society, long term unemployed and others who need a little extra help and guidance. The Job Search Buddy is a 58 page, full color pocket book, measuring 4.25 x 7 inches, and easily fits into the users pocket, purse or briefcase. The book features include:

    •  A simplified "Master Plan" template to develop their personal strategic plan
    •  A "Master Application" job seekers complete prior to beginning their job search. The Master Application is then used as a guide to complete applications, remember work history, recall important contact information, and more to advance their application to the interview & hiring position.
    • A useful "Job Search Log" to keep their job search organized
    • Tips for individuals with disabilities
    • Strategies for Veterans returning to the workforce
    • Transition tips for athletes to demonstrate how their athletic skills are transferable to the workforce and attractive to an employer
    • Sample cover, follow-up & thank you letters
    • Chronological and functional resume samples.
    • Common interview questions employers ask
    • Questions prospective employees should ask employers.
    • Daily grooming checklist
    • How to dress for success for an interview
    • Job assessment checklist
    • How to research a company